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EasyBrodit: to give customized iPhone and iPod support for your car

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EasyBrodit: to give iPhone and iPod support tailored to your car – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the 2009 Motorshow pavilions, reduced in number and presence of exhibitors, the stand of Infovi, distributor of the Brodit brand and of solutions for mobility, was certainly one of the most popular.

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For those who have not read our articles in the past, it is useful to know that Brodit has always produced a wide range of accessories to install on any car model telephones, smartphones and multimedia devices consisting of two elements: the ProClip which is firmly attached to the dashboard and that must meet the dimensional and ergonomic characteristics of each model on the market and the Holder which in practice is the cradle on which the electronic equipment must be permanently inserted.When ordering, you must specify the brand, model and year of construction of your car and finally the mounting position of the Proclip together with the indication of the Holder that can be powered, "through" or with "free" dock. To make the operation of creating your own personalized support easy to use and allow you to give it to yourself or to their loved ones Infovi has created a portal that allows the use of a v oucher, on sale at electronics and auto accessories stores. In this way you can give the voucher and leave the freedom of choice to the recipient and this will not even pay the shipping costs.

In our service on this page you can find photos taken at the Motorshow stand of Infovi and all the details of a new cradle dedicated to the iPhone and iPod touch capable of housing the devices horizontally and vertically without having to extract them from their case. and to use a normal dock cable or an audio-video-power version of the same.

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