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Easier to program for Os X

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Easier to program for Os X logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the arrival of MacOs X one of the biggest problems that Apple has faced was that of the lack of programming tools suitable for the new operating system. Metrowerks, which produces the hugely popular CodeWarrior, has done everything possible to follow Cupertino in his efforts but many programmers have complained about various difficulties in using the tool. Now, as promised both at the WWDC and during the recent MacWorld Expo, Metrowerks very close to presentation of a new version of Codewarrior, the 7.0 which represents, according to the managers of the company, a huge step forward.Firstly Codewarrior 7.0 designed for the final version of MacOs X while version 6.0 was aimed at the beta version. Secondly, version 7.0 makes it easier to produce applications that are consistent with the new programming schemes and with the new Aqua interface. Codewarrior 7 has been fully charred and optimized for the new OS and for the G4 7450 processor; now the tools available are functionally equivalent to those for MacOs Classic.Codewarrior 7 will cost $ 599 and will be released on September 10th.

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