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e-terminal: Mac OS X becomes "graphic terminal" of AS / 400 servers

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Users work with a GUI (Graphic Windows) interface thanks to a new technology produced by the JET company from Seregno.

On client machines installed e-terminal Client which provides AS / 400 programs with a GUI interface with Java panels. Since e-t Client written in Java 2, it can be run from Mac OS X, Windows, Poket PC, Windows CE, Epoc and others. All the machines that use these operating systems can become "graphic terminals" of the AS / 400 Server

In this first installation, the customer had to connect both his Apple personal computers (on the Ethernet network) and his customers' personal Windows (on the Internet) to the AS / 400. Thanks to e-t Client all these machines can be connected simultaneously to the same application on any TCP-IP network.

The application can be written by normal AS / 400 programmers with the languages ​​they already know (RPG, Cobol or C) and with the methodology they already know because the programs work in a transactional and interactive way.

All existing applications can be implemented to be used both in traditional mode (5250, terminal or emulator) and in e-terminal (graphic) mode by means of a CONVERTER which automatically transforms 5250 maps into Java e-terminal panels. program logic is not modified so software maintenance must be performed on one application only.

A first application in the MAC environment was produced by the SIA Software of Catania

The application (Siaap / e400) manages the tasks that service companies perform on behalf of clients. It was created for a company operating in the oil sector to manage the following tasks: – Inspections during the loading and unloading phase of oil tankers – Laboratory analysis – Inventories and sampling within oil refineries – Reclamation of ships used for the transport of gas.Thanks to its modularity, adaptable to all situations where a service company has to perform repetitive or one-off jobs (technical interventions, maintenance, repairs, etc.) because it allows you to record the activities carried out specifying the use personnel, materials and costs incurred. It is therefore possible to issue analytical or descriptive invoices even with the distribution of the turnover among several clients. The program also allows you to follow the progress of the work, and can also be used by the client companies (on the Internet) and to assign tasks. that to be informed about their execution.

The programs are run on an IBM iSeries Server (AS / 400) connected to a local ethernet network which in turn is connected to the Internet via ADSL. They are written in ILE-RPG and use the e-terminal API.

Company users work on APPLE clients (MAC-500 with MAC OS X) while client users work on Windows (PII with WIN95 or higher).

JetLab of Seregno