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Dyson V11 is even more powerful and intelligent than the science fiction Dyson V10

Dyson V11 è ancora più potente e intelligente del fantascientifico Dyson V10

Just try it for a few moments to understand why Dyson V10 is the most desired vacuum cleaner of the moment and Macitynet has done it: now Dyson V11 arrives. As the name immediately indicates, this is an evolution of the previous one, but with a series of innovations that fully justify the jump in numbers.

The manufacturer has improved both the battery and the digital motor by 20%, now capable of reaching the stratospheric speed of 125,000 rpm. All this translates into a 20% increase in suction power compared to the already powerful Dyson V10. Recall that precisely because of the high standards achieved with the Dyson V10 engine, the company has decided to end the design of corded vacuum cleaner.

Yes, because like the Dyson V10, the new Dyson V11 model also allows you to clean and work without getting in the way of the wires: the new model works for one hour between one recharge and the other, even if it will be difficult to use it all this time. On the back of Dyson V11 now integrated an LCD screen that displays real-time performance, including the remaining battery life.

But the most important novelty of Dyson V11 is the sensor and software system capable of detecting on which type of surface it is used. In this way the on-board computer automatically adjusts the suction power, to always make the most of it both on a carpet and on the smoother surface of a tiled floor.

This means that the user no longer has to worry about manually changing and adjusting the power as the surfaces to be cleaned change. Not only is work speeded up but Dyson V11 always works optimally, both to always and in all cases ensure maximum cleaning and aspiration, and in terms of saving power and energy, increasing overall autonomy.Dyson V11 even more powerful and intelligent than the science fiction Dyson V10

Always on the LCD screen are shown the reminders for filter maintenance and also for reporting any obstructions. Not only that: the display also shows instructions on how to remove them. Compared to the previous model, the dirt container is 40% larger. For all these features and functions, the new Dyson V11 inherits the throne of hi-tech vacuum cleaners from the predecessor Dyson V10 which continues to remain on the list starting from the price of 499 euros.

The new Dyson V11 is also available in Italy in three different models for the supply of accessories and brushes included in the package. proposed starting from 599 euros for the Dyson V11 Animal + version, it costs 649 euros in the Dyson V11 Absolute version and reaches 679 euros with Dyson V11 Absolute Pro.

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