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DyeGate: The new phenomenon that affects the iPhone 6 …. Here is what it is

DyeGate: The new phenomenon that affects the iPhone 6 .... Here is what it is


In this article: After the BendGate of the iPhone 6 that folds in your pocket and the HairGate of the iPhone 6 that tears the hair comes a very special new phenomenon

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(Dropcap) D (/ dropcap) yeGate: the new phenomenon appeared on the net that seems to affect the iPhone 6 and more frequently the iPhone 6 Plus. The new phenomenon seems to have to do with the white plastic band present as a sort of frame on the new Apple smartphones where the aesthetic element seems to have the function of improving the reception of wireless connections on the device.

In fact, due to the rubbing of the smartphone in your pocket, this frame seems to absorb its color assuming the classic jeans coloring. Some users have asked Apple for support regarding the phenomenon and the company recommends cleaning the smartphone thoroughly with a damp cloth and solvent. But apparently the solution provided by Apple does not have any effect on the new color assumed by the smartphone that seems really aged.

Some users instead seem to have gotten some advantage by using a simple pencil eraser. But probably the unpleasant effect obtained will be caused by low-quality jeans, like many clothing items in Chinese stores or street vendors that have even caused serious damage to the skin of some people with different cases even in Italy.

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