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DVDs too "toasted" with SuperDrive

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Pioneer DVD-R / RW burner models known by the abbreviations DVR-A03, DVR-103, DVR-A04 and DVR-104 (in addition to the professional models DVR-7000 and PRV-9000), but also known as SuperDrive if installed in OEM version on desktop Macs of recent years, they have an overheating problem.

The phenomenon would occur if you record on "fast" recordable DVDs (4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW).

The manufacturer recommends downloading the firmware update before using these recently introduced media.

Too bad that, at the time of going online, the Mac software is not yet available in the "Macintosh Updaters" section, but Pioneer Andy Parsons has reassured everyone that the various computer manufacturers that included the OEM are about to release their specific l 'update. Therefore, Apple should shortly present the update.

Pioneer has sold over one million of these drives, and 10,000 of these in Italy.