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Dropbox for Gmail, how the plugin works for managing all the files

dropbox plugin for Gmail

Finally the Dropbox plugin for Gmail arrives and makes it easier to search for attachments and files to attach them to emails

The plugin arrives Dropbox for Gmail , the goal is to make it easier and faster to search for attachments and links from multiple senders in an e-mail thread.

Dropbox is implementing its promise integration with Gmail following a partnership with the platform created with G Suite Google at the beginning of this year.

Dropbox for Gmail

The partnership, announced in March, kicked off an alliance between the two rival companies. In its disclosure of information for the IPO, Dropbox admitted to competing with Google in both cloud storage that in the content collaboration markets.

Dropbox now sees the connection with Gmail, and therefore with of G Suite as a way to ensure that it can offer customers a unified location for content and conversations. Dropbox says that over 50 percent of its customers use G Suite, but before the partnership there was no way to store Gmail documents and files within Dropbox.

The Dropbox plugin for Gmail

That said, the new one Dropbox plugin for Gmail presents all e-mail attachments, files and folders connected to Dropbox, in a centralized native Gmail panel. The goal is to make the search for attachments and links of several senders easier and faster in an e-mail thread.

Dropbox said the Gmail plugin will be available immediately.

How to connect Dropbox to Gmail

There are two ways to connect Dropbox and Gmail: the Dropbox Chrome extension for Gmail or the add-on, the Dropbox plugin for Gmail.

Both the Chrome extension and the Gmail plugin allow you to save Dropbox attachments and links from Gmail directly into your Dropbox account. The Chrome extension works only on the Chrome browser, while the Dropbox add-on for Gmail works on any browser or platform, including the Gmail app for Android mobile devices.

Dropbox's Chrome extension for Gmail offers additional features that allow you to choose files directly from your Dropbox account to attach them to an email. Since file sharing takes place via shared Dropbox links, this type of sharing does not take up space in the mailbox.

dropbox plugin for Gmail

Here's how the Dropbox plugin for Gmail works

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