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Draw Type, the app for drawing messages

Draw Type, the app for drawing messages

Draw Type a nice idea to overcome emoji and give more personality to our lyrics

Photo: Theo WatsonPhoto: Theo Watson

Tired of emojis? Perhaps now there is a killer app (in fact already widespread) that goes beyond the 722 preset faces that we find in the keyboards of the smartphone. The idea of Theo Watson, a very creative developer which has developed a very promising application for iOS.

This is Draw Type which, for $ 0.99, allows you to design your own replies to messages. You can write "magnamose‘ na pizza »with your spelling, just like you can directly draw a slice of pizza with steaming hot salami. The simple system: draw your "answer" (as you do in Snapchat) and then paste it into the text field, then send.

Needless to say that among the users who use it, even dirty designs are wasted, but the sense of the app does not change. The next step for Watson integrate animated gifs and also a kind of system for drawing on imported messages, generating a sort of Pictionary.


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