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Dragon Quest of The Stars lands on Android and iOS: designed by Akira Toriyama

Dragon Quest of the Stars is a "new" Square RPG branded mobile RPG: it has been available for a few hours on the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide. The download is free, but there are large in-app purchases (the maximum on Android is ? 89.99, so to speak). In Japan the title is already very popular: according to official statements, it already has over 20 million downloads.

The game is distinguished by the participation of Akira Toriyama, especially famous for manga such as Dragon Ball (which has also become a hugely successful video game franchise) and Arale / Doctor Slump. Furthermore, Kanahei, equally famous Japanese illustrator, deals with emojis to communicate with other players. As we said, the game has been available in Japan for some time now – there is talk about it 4 years: This is a title suitable for casual gamers, with turn-based battles. As often happens in these situations, the border between the video game and the system to "milk" the players is difficult to interpret accurately, in any case the download link is after the official screenshots and the launch trailer.