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Dracula Path of The Dragon, go back to iPhone and touch

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Dracula Path of The Dragon, go back to iPhone and touch –

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The last part of The Path of the Dragon is finally available, an unpublished chapter of the Dracula series created especially for Apple's mobile devices. Many puzzles and a high quality technical sector make Chillingo's adventure a real must for the loyal ones.

For the happiness of all lovers of point and click graphic adventures, Chillingo has published the third and final part of Dracula: The Path of the Dragon, a dark and dark game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed by the Tetraedge team, this unpublished chapter of the famous PC saga puts the player in the shoes of Father Arno, grappling with the mysteries that surround the city of Vladoviste. The plot set in 1920 in Transylvania, the birthplace of vampires.

Although this third and final episode lasts just three hours of gameplay, the application will occupy 525MB of memory on your device: this is mainly due to the numerous high-definition movies, excellent graphics, music and high-quality sound effects. As would be expected from such a title, The Path of the Dragon full of puzzles, riddles and mini-games, many of which are absolutely brilliant. The advice is obviously to start from the first episode and then continue with the other two. The last part of Dracula: The Path of the Dragon can be downloaded from the App Store at a price of € 1.59.

For those who missed them, the first of the two other episodes costs 79 cents, the second 1.59 euros

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