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Download WinX HD Video Converter for PC and Mac for free

Download WinX HD Video Converter for PC and Mac for free

In a recent article I showed a software solution to rip your DVDs. The next step in acquiring a video in digital format or after downloading a video from the internet, is to convert it to the format we prefer. The advantages of converting a file to a native format for a given device are many. There are different software for PC, Mac, iOS and Android that allow the reading of all types of video formats (for example the well-known software 5KPlayer). But the reproduction of a format natively supported by the operating system, such as the format can be .mov on iOS, it allows you to take advantage of GPU hardware acceleration.

This results in fewer resources exploited by the CPU, greater fluidity and reduced energy consumption. For this reason, my suggestion is to convert video files into a format that is clearly compatible with the operating system on which you want to play, bypassing third-party apps for playing any type of format. To carry out this type of conversions you need to rely on external software. I recently learned of a software, called WinX HD Video Converter, which costs $ 45.95 in both the Windows and Mac versions. But for a few days, the developers allow you to get a free license thanks to the promotion activated for Thanksgiving.

WinX HD Video Converter a very complete software, which in addition to converting videos in different formats, also allows downloading of videos from the web, editing videos already downloaded or recording the PC screen. Having the opportunity to download it for free, I recommend at least to try its features.

WinX HD Video Converter Giveaway: convert any movie to MP4, AVI, MKV, iPhone, iPad, Android and many other formats

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As mentioned above, in order to allow many users to learn about their software, the WinX HD Video Converter software house allows a free license to be obtained for a limited period. In this way you can save as much as $ 49.95, which is the cost of a license for both the Windows version and the Mac version. Both the promotion for Windows PC and for Mac limited time. For more information on the two promotions, here are the links to access them:

WinX HD Video Converter feature

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WinX HD Video Converter a tool for the management of 360-degree videos. Thanks to it, it is possible not only to convert movies from different formats, but also to download them from many web services, or edit them by cutting some clips, or by inserting subtitles for a film. Through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, you can easily reach all the features of the software. For the conversion of a movie, for example, it is necessary to select the button Video, select the movie you want to convert and then choose the output format.

The formats made available by WinX HD Video Converter they are really many, and they range between different standard formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, up to formats designed specifically for certain devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets or web formats. For each type of movie, you can choose the quality grade of the final movie. A slider allows us to choose between low and high quality, which also turns into a higher conversion speed in the first case, and a slower speed in the second case.

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To allow a faster conversion of movies, WinX HD Video Converter allows you to take advantage of all the PC's potential. In fact, it is possible to select how many CPU cores to use (up to 8 cores) so as to parallelize the process and have a N times faster conversion (N varies according to the number of cores used). In addition, all the resources provided by modern GPUs are exploited, such as NVENC 'hardware acceleration from Nvidia and Intel's QSV. Hyper-threading support is also present.

Finally, the software makes it possible to respond to an ever increasing demand from users. WinX HD Video Converter makes it possible to download movies on different web platforms. There are many supported sites and you can find the complete list on this page. Just to name a few, it is possible to download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo and Youtube. Even the use of this feature is very simple. Just click on the button URL and then insert the video link in the appropriate field to start the download.


The functionality of WinX HD Video Converter is really many. In a single software it is possible to manage many aspects of a movie, starting from its download, passing through editing and ending with the final conversion into a format chosen by us.

The cost of the software is $ 49.95 for both the Windows and Mac versions. But for a few days you can take advantage of the excellent promotion that allows download for free a copy of WinX HD Video Converter for both Windows and Mac.