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Download SimCity Buildit for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Download SimCity Buildit for iPhone, iPod, iPad


Download SimCity Buildit for iPhone, iPod, iPad | SimCity Buildit, the long-awaited simulation game, returns to the App Store in a completely renewed version

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We are finally here: after a long wait,EA releases SimCity BuildIt on the App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Incredibly, in fact, the game was first released for Android, where available for a few weeks, and only today arrived on the App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad | Download SimCity BuildIt APK for Android (Italian Preview)

Finally, therefore, the very long-awaited SimCity Buildit arrives in the App Store, a freemium game compatible with iPhone and iPad where, as we can imagine, we will find ourselves in the role of the mayor and to create and grow the city of our dreams.

Compared to previous releases of the game, this version of SimCity has been completely changed and revolutionized and, if I can afford it, I appreciate every single novelty introduced. This game is much more beautiful, fun and addictive than in previous releases. But let's see the news introduced, starting from graphics, completely revised and now much, much more beautiful in every respect.

SimCity BuildIt the brand new attempt at Electronic Arts to bring a successful brand such as that of SimCity to mobile. The famous US software house had already tried it in the past with SimCity Deluxe Mobile, removed in recent weeks from the virtual stores to make room for this new version.

SimCity BuildIt a management classic free-to-play, therefore free with in-app purchases and waiting times. The charm of SimCity for undeniable, and the work done by Electronic Arts looks really good. The first impact, that is, on a graphic level, truly remarkable: the completely three-dimensional city, which can be explored with swipes, pinch-to-zoom, various angles, with dynamic lights and shadows that move alternating day and night.

Obviously you can not stop at the graphic level: apparently SimCity BuildIt this time stator realized with a minimum of criteria that makes it more beautiful, pleasant and fun than the previous chapter.

This time, in fact, the waiting times do not apply to the construction of buildings but to the production of raw materials, useful for making residential districts evolve. Precisely the neighborhoods, following the evolutions, will earn us investable credits in buildings useful to the population, such as recreational parks, fire or police stations and so on. New buildings and other features can be unlocked by advancing level and increasing the number of citizens in our virtual city.

SimCity BuildIt is extremely simpler than any SimCity you have previously played on PC.

The free game, but with in-app purchases. In this case, the premium currency useful for the construction of certain optional buildings, to lengthen the production queues of the buildings used for the construction of raw materials and, of course, to cancel any waiting.

Main features:

SimCity, reimagined for a new generation of mobile players Solve real city problems like traffic, fires and pollutionAdd basic city services, including water and electricity to keep your citizens happy and your city growingSpecialize your city with iconic landmarks, casinos, and more! Create and trade resources with friends and other cities Unleash natural (and not so natural) disastersExplore your 3D city from all angles with 360 controlsWatch your city come to life night and day!

An interesting aspect of this game is the possibility of creating and exchanging resources with friends and with other cities. It is also possible to unlock exclusive buildings such as Big Ben or the Arc de Triomphe.

As usual, there is no shortage of natural disasters, which could jeopardize all our work! For this you must prepare yourself with the necessary countermeasures, for example by building several police stations and children of fire, but also by protecting the most sensitive parts of the city.

We will have to solve various problems such as traffic, fires and pollution, manage water and electricity services, offer entertainment facilities such as theaters and cinemas, and meet all other citizens' needs.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can therefore define this game as the best strategic simulator dedicated to building a city.

Demo video:

Thanks to the countless buildings available, the vivid 3D graphics, this is undoubtedly the most realistic city simulator on mobile devices. Place buildings strategically to keep taxes at bay and inflate your pockets. Pinch, zoom and rotate your city 360 in online and offline modes.

Create and exchange resources with friends and other cities. Unlock exclusive buildings like Big Ben and the Arc de Triomphe, or unleash natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and more!

Solve real problems such as traffic, fires and pollution. Manage services such as energy and entertainment in a balanced way to meet the needs of your citizens. Complete fun challenges to specialize your city and shape society. Watch your city come to life, day and night!

Download SimCity Buildit for iPhone, iPod, iPad

SimCity BuildIt available for free on the App Store, with several in-app purchases to make the most of this title.

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