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Download Premium Play for iPhone

Download Premium Play for iPhone


Premium Play arrives (finally) on the iPhone. Premium Play also available for iPhone. Mediaset's Premium Play is updated with the introduction of iPhone support

Download Premium Play for iPhone

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Premium Play for iPhone available

Finally, after a wait that seemed to never end, the Premium Play application also arrives on the iPhone.

Who has subscribed to a Mediaset Premium subscription hence today pu download the official Premium Play client for iOS, which finally becomes available for download also on iPhone, with a version optimized also for the smartphone of the Cupertino house.

In the past, remember, the Premium Play application was only available for iPad, but from todayPremium Play also works great on the iPhone.

The new release of Premium Play, numbered 5.0, contains several novelties. Let's see them together.

We have practically already mentioned the first one: compatibility, in addition to iPad, with all iPhones equipped with iOS 6 or later.

Among other news, 20 live streaming channels also arrive to watch all Eurosport sporting events and football.

All contents become usable in cellular connectivity, none excluded, also equipped with dual audio and subtitles should these be expected.

The catalog also extends to accommodate over 6000 titles with all the first Premium TVs.

Finally, the graphical interface (including icon) of the client is renewed, adapting to the flat design now in vogue in the last OS.

In short, lots of news for this new version of Premium Play for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

You can download Premium Play on the AppleApp Store.

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