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Download Pixelmator for iPhone

Download Pixelmator for iPhone


Pixelmator now also available for iPhone. Download Pixelmator for iPhone. Where to downloadPixelmator for iPhone.Pixelmator also available for iPhone!

The famous Pixelmator image editor finally available for iPhone: here is the download

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The famous Pixelmator program, which has been available for iPad for some time, has just received the awaited update that has taken a few minutes makes the application universal on iOS. This means that finally Pixelmator also available for iPhone users.

Pixelmator for iPhone can be purchased for the price of 4.99. Of course cthose who have already purchased the iPad version will not have to pay a euro and will be able to proceed to direct download from the App Store.

The Pixelmator update just released not only concerns compatibility with iPhone, but also introduces the new distortion features based on iOS 8 Metal technology, in addition to the "repair selection" and "cloning" tools of the selected areas.

In short, a really important update for Pixelmator, which introduces several new features and finally becomes compatible with iPhone as well.

New to Pixelmator? Not sure what Pixelmator for iPhone does and how it works?

No problem, below you will find all the details and features offered byPixelmator, an excellent program to edit and personalize your photos on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac.

First of all, good to remember thatPixelmator to date one of the most complete photo editing applications for Mac and iPad.It is a very valid one Photoshop alternative to edit, edit and personalize your photos in an advanced and complete way.

Pixelmator the first application for iPhone to integrate all the tools for photographers, designers and lovers of drawing. The program offers a rich set of professional but easy to use features that will allow you to edit and personalize your photos in a complete and advanced way.

One of the most impressive aspects of Pixelmator given by powerful graphics engine, which allows you to adjust effects, colors, brushes, text, objects and multiple layers instantly even on iPhone.

As in any other software of Photo editing, filters can also be adjusted with Pixelmator, control RGB sliders, edit histogram curves and work on other professional functions.

All the individual options are then manually adjustable, from the color temperature to the tint, through special scrolling tools. Very interesting, then, to underline that the Pixelmator team also managed to integrate all the support functions for the levels also on iPhone:fantastic!

For photos, the color adjustment is very important:we have the possibility to modify the color balance and the tonality, to adjust the white balance, the color temperature and the curves of the colors themselves, also adding control points if necessary.

Metal-based distortion toolsthey allow to pinch, create relief and spiral effects and alter areas of an image. We also find the tool of cloning, which allows you to duplicate areas of an image.

All jobs can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter eThe app allows you to send images in RAW format and export them in Photoshop or in PNG and JPEG formats. Finally, the images can be saved in the Camera Roll, in iCloud or open in third-party apps installed on the iPhone.

In short, does this Pixelmator seem like a powerful and complete program for iPhone?

If you want edit and personalize your photos on iPhone, Pixelmator the program for you! To try!

Download Pixelmator for iPhone

If you are interested in download the Pixelmator program for your iPhone, you can find it on the App Store for the price of 4.99. Alternatively, read our article: How to download apps for free iPhone, iPod, iPad

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