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Download Microsoft Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Preview for Mac


Trapela in reteMicrosoft Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac. Here's how to download and where to find the Microsoft Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 Mac 15.10 Preview now available for download for free for all users who use a Mac.

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Microsoft releases Office 2016 for Mac Preview. Preview of Office 2016 for Mac

Preview of the new version of Office 2016 for Mac Update May 16, 2015

Microsoft Office for Mac, Apple | Microsoft updates Office 2016 Preview for Mac

After launching in beta of Office 2016 for Windows, here it is first Mac version of the next Office suite update most used in the world is instead publicly released for all Mac users.Let's see how to download this interesting and innovative software.

Office 2016 for Mac Preview

First of all we give you some information about Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac.

This preview version of Office 2016involves the three main programs of the suite, namely Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. According to the first screens, they would align with the respective versions for Windows, but not only.

OneNote and Outlook are also present in this version of Office 2016 Mac Preview and, together with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, they received the new interface. Also with this update we also have support for high pixel density displays such as that of the MacBook Pro Retina or the new iMac 5K.

To conclude, here are a couple of technical data about this version of Office for Mac: the Microsoft suite requires at least Yosemite 10.10 and the download will occupy about 2.9 GB, which will become about 6 GB of internal hard disk space on your Mac. Italian language included.

Microsoft: Office 2016 for Mac preview updated

Here are some additional details on the brand new Office 2016 for Mac.

The classic Office, which you already know, use and appreciate.Thanks to the redesigned ribbon, in addition to the cross-platform features and the shortcuts you prefer, you will be immediately active with the new Office for Mac!

Carefully optimized for your favorite device.The new Office for Mac user interface has been entirely designed to take full advantage of the latest Mac features, including the retina screen and support for full screen viewing.

Create, perfect and share engaging and professional documents.The new Word for Mac includes cutting-edge editing, review and sharing tools. The unprecedented Design tab allows quick access to the various features, while the new Object Format activity pane gives you complete control over images, shapes and effects.

Analyze and visualize your data in a new and intuitive way.The new Excel for Mac offers you an unprecedented and simple user interface as well as many functions of Excel 2013 for Windows. You can still take advantage of your favorite keyboard shortcuts, as part of a more coherent cross-platform experience.

Create, collaborate and effectively present your ideas.The new PowerPoint for Mac offers new slide transitions, an enhanced Animation task pane, and an improved co-authoring experience, including threaded comments on the side of the slides, and the ability to visually compare version conflicts to choose for sure more correct to keep.

Collect ideas in your digital notebook.It doesn't matter if you are at home, on the road or in the office, with OneNote you can take notes anywhere, sharing and collaborating with others.

and so much more…


– Mac computer with an Intel processor – Mac OS X version 10.10 – Recommended 1 GB of RAM – 5.62 GB of free hard disk space – Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus) – A monitor with 1280 × 800 resolution or higher– Recommended Safari 7

Said this, here are the main news of Office 2016.

MicrosoftOffice 2016: what changes? What are the news of Office 2016?

Office 2016: what changes compared to the previous generation?How Windows 10, even Microsoft Office is completely renewed from a graphic point of view, especially as regards the smartphone version.

A big news regards Ribbon: the upper bar present from the 2007 version now adapts according to the screen and the type of modification we are carrying out and is updated with new tools taken from the desktop version. In addition to the new graphics, we also find features that come from the PC version: in PowerPoint, for example, it will be possible to add notes on the slides.

Obviously, everything integrates perfectly with OneDrive: recent or modified documents will be automatically synchronized between PC and smartphone to allow the user not to miss the work session between one device and another.

As we said, the new Office 2016 currently under development at the company's Redmond offices,but with the instructions that we provide below you can download and try out the brand new preview today MicrosoftOffice 2016.

Where to download Microsoft Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac? How to download Microsoft Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac? Download Microsoft Office 2016 v 15.10 Preview for Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 v15.10 MacOSX Preview | 2.92 Gb

Office 2016 Mac 15.10 Preview Download

I remember that, being in beta or Preview phase, the program can be downloaded totally free and legally, without infringing any copyright. When it is available in the final version, however, you will have to regularly purchase the license. But, being still in beta, you can download it and try it for free.

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