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Download Lara Croft GO now for free for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android

Download Lara Croft GO now for free for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android

There is no excuse: everyone should download Lara Croft GO for free for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even Android devices, including users who do not particularly like Tomb Raider heroine and even those who are not interested in video games. Recall that for a few days for free also the cult game Monument Valley 2 of which you will find the links to download it and we talked in this article.

Before various discounts and promotions, the list price marked 6.99 euros, but the gift of Square Enix is ​​not in the price, but in the possibility of putting your hand to an original title that brings one of the most famous and appreciated franchises of video games , in a title tailored for mobile devices.

Instead of fast and millimetric actions live with the console joypad, the user called to explore ancient ruins and solve mysteries and puzzles with a system of turn-based moves. Tomb Raider purists may turn up their noses but only at the beginning, because the developer has found a brilliant solution to the absence of a dedicated controller.

Adventure and exploration remain, as do the bad mercenaries to be fought and the puzzles to be solved. But the choice to implement a turn-based move system is much more practical for devices with a touch screen or even to play with the thin and slippery Apple TV remote from Apple TV.

lara croft go for free

The goodness of the result and the product confirmed by a substantial collection of positive ratings from users of both the App Store and the Google Play Store, resulting in a rating of only a breath below 5 stars based on hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews. Not to mention a long series of prizes and awards assigned to the game by the most important trade fairs and newspapers.

Lara Croft GO for free loads for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV starting from this App Store page, instead we start from this link for the Android version. All macitynet articles that talk about Square Enix are available from this page. All the articles of macitynet dedicated to iPhone and iPad are available at the respective links, instead for all the news concerning the Android universe, start from this page.