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Download free music online without programs

Download free music online without programs

Download free music online

Have you heard your favorite song online and don't know how to download it to your PC to create a ringtone on your smartphone? Or do you want to expand the playlist on your computer and don't know where to download new music tracks? Reasons to download music from the internet there are many and very useful to know how to download your favorite songs. There are different methods and in this article we will see some solutions fordownload free music online using some extensions available for web browsers. To do this, just visit the page that contains the song or tracks and start downloading music without having to install programs on your PC. Just open the browser and learn the process to use the right sites that allow you to download music online.

Download free music online

Generally, when it comes to downloading anything, you think of some known programs to install on your computer, then configure them based on your internet network and many other things. Instead, what I want to offer you a different solution, much simpler that does not require software or configurations. In this guide you will find exclusively online solutions where you can find mp3 music of all kinds, from pop to international songs, from mobile ringtones to Italian music. Come on, then discover how to download so much good music.

A warning: downloading music illegally an illegal procedure. What you find in this guide for informational purposes only and does not want to be a way to encourage abusive forms of music downloads.

Sites to download free music online without programs

We are going to discover the different procedures for downloading music online, offering different solutions such as music converters or music archive sites, ready to be downloaded. The first method is a video converter from which to extract the music tracks in mp3 format and also in other formats.

OnlineVideoConverter: video to music converter

The first 100% effective method to download free mp3 music without programs, to use the service offered by the site OnlineVideoConverter, the only one able to capture the audio part from the videos streaming on the network and convert it on the fly into MP3 audio format.

convert video to mp3

The very simple procedure; first you need to retrieve the complete link (URL) of the page where the music video you can convert to MP3, MP4 or other formats; the link in the top bar of any browser.

Copy the link in full (you can use the CTRL + A and CTRL + C keys) and paste it (CTRL + V) inside the bar on the following link.

LINK | OnlineVideoConverter

After opening the online service OnlineVideoConverter click on the "Convert a video link"And enter the conversion page. Now insert the link of the video in the box provided and make sure that the MP3 format is set from the drop-down menu between the audio formats present. Now press on the button Start to start the conversion. The image below will explain how to do it, just follow the arrows.

convert video to mp3

The site will start converting the video you have chosen to extract the music track; after a few seconds it will be possible to download free music online from the summary page you find at the end of each conversion. Just click on the button Download present in the page (as you can see in the image below).

video in mp3

The browser will download the music track locally to the default download folder; at the end of the download go to the download folder to find your downloaded music. As you have seen, the fast, free, and unnecessary registration service.

Bee MP3

This second solution is a good site from which you can download free music online in MP3 format without having to convert any type of video. The online service is called Bee MP3, visitable at the following link.

LINK | Bee MP3

Download free music online

Use the search bar at the top of the site to find the artist, song or album you want to search for and then press the button. Search to start the search. The site controls numerous services (including social networks, chats and other sharing platforms) to find the song you are looking for in MP3.

As a result of the search you will have many entries, click on the one that interests you as indicated by the arrow.

Download free music online

A page will open where you can listen to the preview of the song and get the download link; to download free music online you must use the red link indicated by the arrow in the image below.

Download free music online

You will be directed to the page where you can download the song locally on your PC.

More guides to download free music

Download free music with these methods that we have proposed and you can enjoy your favorite music, not only on the computer, but also on mobile devices. If you are looking for apps to download free music on your smartphone or tablet? Use one of the recommended apps in the following guide, the guaranteed result.

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