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doubleTwist, the DVD Jon iTunes for each device

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If you have been following the events of the digital world for a few years, the name of DVD Jon certainly does not sound new to you. With this nickname, Jon Lech Johansen a Norwegian hacker, became known for having managed to unhinge (when he was still a teenager) the defenses of DVDs and then turn to other DRM systems including those prepared by Apple for iTunes.

With the gradual decline of the DRM, Jon's work has also become less and less striking, but no less interesting for this. The last effort of the hacker is called doublerTwist: it is a free program similar to iTunes that allows you to synchronize multimedia files between your PC or Mac and any device compatible with the software. The systems that "speak" with doubleTwist are really many: PSP, Mac, Android, Windows, Symbian, webOS and many others.

The main function of doubleTwist is to once again get around any type of DRM. In fact, if you have files (music, videos or photos) with DRM, just drag them into the doubleTwist library; then the program will worry about converting the file into the format necessary to upload it to any compatible device.

Secondly, the software performs – albeit in an extremely primitive way – the same functions as iTunes, allowing us to organize the files we want to carry in our pocket devices in a simpler way.

The management all entrusted to drag & drop and reduced to the essentials, but having an interface of this type is still a better system than having to act directly on the folders.

Another detail, doubleTwist also allows you to import iTunes playlists, making it easy to create playlists on Apple's software and then use doubleTwist to synchronize them with a non-Apple device.

Finally – an aspect beyond the Italian borders, doubleTwist also allows you to buy songs directly from the Amazon Store; pity it is a service reserved for American users. The battle over the musical DRM of these months that has led to the progressive "release" of music also on the Apple site makes one of the services of the application useless, however, the ease of use in management songs are a great advantage for those who have to manage a multitude of devices with multimedia capabilities.

doubleTwist freely downloadable from the official program page.


(Edited by Giordano Araldi)