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Doom III, the revolution

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Among the most crowded press conferences at E3 in Los Angeles there was the one convened to take stock of the development of Doom III.The game, announced long ago (a first demo was seen in the context of the 2001 Macworld Expo in Tokyo ), now well advanced. At this moment, explained John Carmack, the graphic engine is over and the various levels are being developed. Among the essential features of the game, the creator of the Doom saga explained, the desire to create a "terrifying" experience for the user, charged with the same tension as the typical devices of horror films: semi-dark environments, sinister creaks, suspicious shadows that move. A goal that has been achieved, they explained to the ID, paying great attention to the details of the enemies who are not limited to simply shooting, but are repulsive and terrifying beings. In addition to this, the new generation graphic engine capable of producing extremely sophisticated and realistic environments and images helps to create a new atmosphere. Those who have been able to see and try a demo talk about an incredible game, with a level of graphics never seen before in a 3D title in first person. At the moment most sites are wondering what kind of hardware the Doom III graphics can handle. According to the first reports, the demonstration at E3 would have been done with a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 with an unspecified ATI graphics card. The game is still likely to need optimization as the release date, early 2003, is still quite far away. The fear in any case that most of the graphics cards currently on the market and classified as mid-range will not be able to present Doom III in all its splendor.Doom III, as well known, will also be released for Mac OS X, very probably contextually to the PC version.3DGamers has some links to movies that present a demo and a synthetic collection of screen shots

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