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Does the iPhone 3G cost Apple less than the iPhone Edge?

Apple may have no need to subsidize iPhone to sell the phone for a profit. Theoretically, even proposing it at $ 199, the Apple could begin to earn. Here is what could be deduced by accepting the conclusions reached by Portelligent, a company specialized in disassembling products to study their components and make estimates on strategies and costs.

In the case of the iPhone 3G, of course, Portelligent was unable to open and study the phone, but believes it has enough information to estimate the cost of the materials used for the construction in just $ 100 ($ 70 less than the original model). According to David Carey, president of Portelligent, it is known, for example, that the display has not changed, that the Nand are always the same, and that the battery could be more powerful, but not substantially more expensive. Carey claims to have precise information on the main processors: the baseband one produced by Infineon while the processor for applications is the traditional Samsung. The 8 GB Nand memories – Carey says – today cost $ 20 compared to $ 50 last year, the screen today costs about thirty dollars compared to 60 last year ". Apple may have managed to cut $ 25 from other materials. Hence the estimate of a hundred dollars in product construction. Note that the 16 GB model in terms of materials could bring an increase in the cost of only $ 20 while Apple pocket 100 more.

Even if the costs of materials must be added to those of research, marketing, distribution, says Portelligent, it can be said that the iPhone does not need much to be subsidized to be sold under $ 200. On the other hand, even if Cupertino or its partners will never be unbalanced in this regard, practically sure that Mela will sell the phone at a much higher cost than the carriers (according to someone $ 200), pocketing a huge profit.

The conclusions are drawn by Yankee Group's Carl Howe that ?iPhone does not need any aid to survive. designed to be a universal phone, for anyone. From Apple's point of view it can be the most profitable device and a platform from which to draw a large amount of money. And the details of this business may surprise even more of the same product. "