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Does the hour of the new Titanium beat?

According to some sites dedicated to rumors, the time may have come for the release of a Titanium update.

The update would in fact be imminent, so much so that some sources even go so far as to predict tomorrow's date as the most likely for the presentation of the machine.

Leaving the inventory benefit on the reliability of rumors that often prove to be fallacious, the predictions on the specifications of the new machine seem more reliable.

The new Titanium would have in its heart a 800 and 933 MHz processor, the Motorola MPC 7445. The chip is distinguished by its low consumption and low heat production as well as by advanced technologies such as Silicon On Insulator. The processor is the "twin" of the MPC 7455 used in the G4 and which instead reaches 1.2 GHz.

The new processor would not be for the only significant novelty. In store, Apple would also have an upgrade of the graphics card which would be the Mobility Radeon 900O, which is Pin-compatible with the Mobility Radeon 7500 used today but has superior performance.

A new screen, with brighter and brighter colors produced by LG.Philips, and some other innovations at the motherboard level, such as the use of integrated Bluetooth, could also "tick".

Instead, it seems to be possible to exclude, even if some site dedicated to indiscretions insists, the use of a Superdrive. Currently there are no front-loading versions of this product on the market, but only a few prototypes, and Apple would therefore be forced to modify the case in order to use the traditional drawer reader. A hypothesis that can also be taken into consideration but which would foresee a probable restyling of the motherboard which does not seem to be in sight (even if with Apple one can never give anything for sure).

But even assuming that Apple decides to use the cassette player this would not be produced by Pioneer who has not yet announced any model for Superdrive laptops. The only known manufacturers of the device are Sony and Toshiba but since the two Japanese giants have not yet even launched on the market own laptops equipped with DVD burner, it seems unlikely that they can supply their competitor Apple.

Obviously something could change if, instead of the optimistic (very optimistic) launch date set for tomorrow, the Powerbook should arrive a little further, for example in late November or perhaps for the next Macworld Expo. But at that point, two years after the presentation of the first version and with still three months ahead, Apple could really have something radically new in store.

The most credible hypothesis, in any case, the first, with a new "updated but not too much" Titanium, means for a new model, different in the case and in the motherboard (which could also have a 167 MHz bus) for the next spring, maybe for Tokyo's Macworld in March.

On the release date it is unwise to unbalance too much; we can only say that the feeling that it seems difficult that the life of the current model can go much longer than a few weeks. The Pro laptop, as demonstrated also by the recent tax report, by far the machine that most accuses a drop in sales not to mention the fact that with its release date at the end of April also the oldest model of those currently on the list.