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Does the eMac "crackle"? Apple repairs it

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Does the eMac "pop"? Apple repairs it –

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The eMac, the Macintosh originally born for school use only, but then granted to all, affected, in some copies, by an annoying problem.

The kBase # 95169 describes the small malfunction with the English word "popping sound" which we could translate as "crackling sound", followed immediately after by flash of light inside the case but visible thanks to the semi-transparent plastics and then again by flash on the monitor screen, all of this, in this sequence, immediately after starting the computer, using the power button.

No further explanation of the problem is given in the technical document, but Apple recommends that those who verify the existence of this defect take the eMac to an Apple authorized repairer who will fix it. Let's imagine for free.

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