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Does iPhone 6 bought abroad work in Italy?

Does iPhone 6 bought abroad work in Italy?


Does iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bought abroad work in Italy?

Do you want to buy iPhone 6 abroad to save money? Here is some information you absolutely need to know before proceeding with the purchase.

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As we have seen in previous articles, buying iPhone 6 abroad is more convenient than buying in Italy, given that the price of the iPhone 6 smartphone abroad is lower than the Italian one.

If you also want to go abroad to buy iPhone 6 before it is on sale in Italy, maybe even saving something on the final sale price, here some information you need to know about iPhone 6 bought abroad.

The problems related to iPhone 6 bought abroad are mainly two: compatibility with Italian telephone networks and guarantee. Let's face them in order and try to understand if it makes sense or not to buy iPhone 6 abroad to save.

First of all, let's quickly remember the sales dates.

iPhone 6 will go on sale overseas starting September 19th. The price varies from country to country, but in general it costs cheaper than in Italy a bit everywhere. After exactly one week, starting from September 26th, iPhone 6 will also arrive in Italy, where it will cost more than in other countries.

Having said that, we see seiPhone 6 bought abroad works in Italy.

Does iPhone 6 overseas or foreign work in Italy?

Contrary to the past, things have finally changed this year: you can easily buy an iPhone 6 abroad or a foreign iPhone 6 and use it in Italy without any problem.

iPhone 6 (especially versions A1549 and A1586 for iPhone 6 and A1522 and A1524 for iPhone 6 Plus) workswithout any problem with the Italian LTE and telephone networks. You can therefore buy iPhone 6 abroad or iPhone 6 abroad and you can use it without problems in Italy.

More details on compatibility with Italian and European telephone networks can be found on the Apple website: https: //

Instead, pay close attention to everything related to the warranty.

iPhone 6 bought abroad: how does the warranty work?

If you buy uniPhone 6 abroad or uniPhone 6 abroad, can you use the Italian guarantee?

IPhones 6 bought in Europe should not have any warranty problems and you should be able to pass it under warranty without major problems also through the Italian Apple stores. We don't have absolute certainty about this, but in general you should be able to feel comfortable. In this case, always using the conditional, the warranty should be 24 months. You can therefore buy uniPhone 6 in France, England, Switzerland or Germany and take advantage of Apple assistance also in Italy without major problems.

The speech changes if the iPhone 6 was bought outside Europe, for example in the USA. For iPhone 6 bought in the USA, in fact, the warranty becomes only 12 months and, very importantly, not to mention that the Italian Apple stores assist you. Indeed, in general it is very difficult to receive assistance in Italy for uniPhone 6 from the USA. Be very careful, therefore, before buying uniPhone 6 in the USA, because you risk being left without a guarantee: in case of problems, you will have to pay for Apple's intervention out of your pocket.

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Well, I'd say everything. For doubts, questions or other clarifications leave a comment to this article and we will try to help you better.

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