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Does Apple work on iPod for Win?

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Apple would begin developing a Windows version of the iPod. ThinkSecret, a site dedicated to indiscretions, cites unspecified sources close to Apple and some newspaper articles, such as two editorials of the Wall Street Journal, written by Walter Mossberg, considered among the journalists closest to Apple's management.

According to ThinkSecret iPod for Windows would be quite similar to the Mac version and would be marketed in the same box and with the same packaging. Apple would have chosen this option after having long considered the possibility of creating an exclusively Windows version of the MP3 player.

The release of iPod for Windows, however, according to the site, is still not entirely certain. Apple is, in fact, still evaluating the overall economic return of a similar operation since at the Cupertino headquarters there are fears of losing several sales of Mac hardware that are following the availability of the iPod only for the platform. In fact, some Win users would have less incentives to switch to Mac if the digital hub strategy was also brought to the PC.

It is not even clear if with the release of the iPod Apple would also present a Windows version of iTunes, indispensable for synchronizing the MP3 player easily and transparently with the libraries of music files present on the computer.

Recall that a Windows version of iPod is one of the dreams of many digital music lovers who use PC. In this regard, there are already some software on the market that, even if in a rudimentary way and without the official approval from Apple, perform the task of marrying the reader with the Wintel platform.

Jobs, at the time of the launch of the iPod, had explicitly said that a version for Windows could come, but that it was neither in development nor a priority.

If indeed a version for Windows will arrive, the most suitable moment for the launch could be the Macworld of New York, perhaps contextually with an update of the iPod itself.