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Do you want to buy a used iPhone? Check if it was stolen

Do you want to buy a used iPhone? Check if it was stolen


Have you bought a used iPhone? Find out if they have sold you a stolen or locked iPhone. Find out if used uniPhone has been stolen

Have you purchased a used iPhone? How to check if a stolen iPhone

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Check if used uniPhone has been stolen

Needless to deny it:iPhone probably the most desired smartphone by users. At the same time, for,iPhone is also the most expensive smartphone and, consequently, also become it most stolen smartphone ever. A large number of people are willing to do anything to have aiPhone, even to steal it from the first that happens, especially if this is absent-minded. Later, perhaps, these thieves resell the iPhone to an unsuspecting buyer, without obviously explaining to him that the phone was illegally stolen.

And so it happens more and more often that someone buy uniPhone used to end up with a stolen phone, which maybe comes blocked by Apple and it is no longer functional after a few days of use.

Luckily Apple has introduced various security systems to limit iPhone theft, but this was not enough. IPhone thefts are still at very high levels and every day a lot of iPhones are stolen. With the arrival of iOS 8, however, Apple has introduced a very useful feature on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, which makes a stolen uniPhone unusable. Practically, with iOS 7 (and even more with iOS 8) the iPhone is linked to the user's Apple account who uses it: in the event of theft or loss phone, the device can be locked remotely and made completely unusable, unless the thief knows the Apple account username and password of the person who stole the phone (practically impossible).

Not always, however, the blocking of the iPhone in case of theft or immediate loss: it may happen that the thief has all the time to resell the iPhone as used to an unsuspecting buyer, who could find himself unbeknownst to having in his hands a stolen and unusable phone.

If you too are thinking of buy used uniPhone, with this guide we will explain how to do it check if the iPhone has been stolen or not. It is a very simple and immediate guide to follow, which will give you understand in a few seconds whether the iPhone you are buying stolen or not.

How to find out if uniPhone has been stolen?

You want to check if the iPhone you are buying is stolen? Here's how you can do it. The procedure is very fast and takes a few seconds.

When you are going to buy the used iPhone, take a computer, tablet or even another smartphone with you. The important thing is that you can surf the internet to check in real time.

For find out if the used iPhone you are buying stolen or locked, just go to this "Check if iPhone Stolen" page, enter the identification code (IMEI) or the serial number of the iPhone, iPod or iPad and wait a few moments for Apple to check it.

If all goes well, the following message appears:

“A password is not required to cancel or reactivate this device. If you received this device from another person, ready for use and setup. "

which certifies that the iPhone you are buying has not been stolen. Or rather, certify that no remote lockout is active on that device and therefore who is selling it to you managed to disconnect the device from the old Apple account.

Obviously, before buying the used iPhone, try to use it for a few minutes and check that everything is working correctly: camera, calls, GPS, flawless screen, front camera.

If you don't know how to find the iPhone, iPod or iPad IMEI, I'll explain how. Just go to "Settings> General> Info" in the menu of the iOS device to find the IMEI. Very simple. Once the IMEI is found, check online to find out if the iPhone has been stolen.

IMPORTANT: if, after doing the check, the message that we pasted a few lines does not appear, think about it a few times before buying that iPhone, because it may have been stolen.

Not sure it's a stolen iPhone: it could also be that the owner or the person who is selling it you simply forgot to disconnect the device from your Apple account. In that case, ask him to disconnect the device from your account while it is with you: in a few minutes the iPhone will be "free" and will no longer be connected to its Apple account, so that you can use it without problems and without any type of lock.

For no reason do you agree to buy an iPhone with the lock active, not even if the person in front of you promises to disconnect him from his Apple account later, perhaps calmly after returning home. In fact, you risk buying a locked and perhaps stolen iPhone, therefore unusable.

Said this, I always recommend extreme caution when buying a used iPhone: always buy only products with box, receipt and guarantee, leave the rest alone, especially when you are offered very affordable prices or lower than the market average. Nobody gives you an iPhone, keep it in mind!

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