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Do you have a Mac? Watch out for the iWorm virus

Do you have a Mac? Watch out for the iWorm virus


You are waiting for the iWorm virus, the Mac malware that is installed with pirated software. Do you have a Mac? Watch out for the iWorm virus

iWorm: the new malware that affects Macs, Apple has already released an update to protect users.

A new Mac malware is circulating, it's called iWorm

Identified a new malware for OS X, a botnet that uses an unusual search system (abusing Reddit's services) to identify command and control centers from which to receive instructions given by cyber criminals. Apple runs for cover.

As we all know, it is not at all true that Macs are immune to viruses, malware and similar software. Even Macs, like any other operating system, are at risk of catching viruses and being attacked by extremely dangerous software. It's true, with the Mac, the risk of catching viruses and malware decreases exponentially, but you can never be calm, especially when dealing with worms.

What iWorm? What kind of iWorm virus? How does iWorm virus work?

So, let's start by saying that iWorm is a virus, or rather a dangerous malware that has already affected over 17,000 Macs worldwide. Considering that there are millions and millions of Macs scattered around the globe, 17,000 a ridiculous number, but being iWorm a fairly dangerous malware, you must pay close attention.

iWorm, as we said, a Mac malware that has been circulating on the web for almost a year now, precisely since last December, but only during the last few weeks seems to have come to the fore and infected many Macs.

The alarm regarding the danger of iWorm was launched in recent weeks by the security firm Dr. Web, which has already identified this iWorm virus as Mac.BackDoor.iWorm. But what does all this mean? What kind of iWorm virus? What exactly does iWorm do?

Basically iWorm a malware developed in C ++ and LUA that behaves like an unabackdoor that transforms the PC into a sort of zombie ready to execute commands remotely, which are imparted by hackers who connect without our permission to our Mac, while comfortably sitting at their home . In practice, thanks to the iWorm virus, any hacker can enter our PC, steal all our data, violate our privacy and do whatever he wants with our Mac without us noticing anything. Understand how dangerous iWorm is?

Like any malware, iWorm could be hiding everywhere, but, according to initial analysis, it seems that iWorm can presumably be contracted through the installation of cracked software.If you are used to downloading cracked Mac games, programs and applications from various online portals, be very careful, because you risk downloading this nice virusWorm together with your program.

For the moment most cases have been found in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Russia and, for now, no known cases of infection in Italy.

In the meantime, to protect your users, Apple has planned to update Xprotect with iWorm definitions.We can't rest assured yet, but let's say that it will be more difficult to be affected by the iWorm virus for Mac.

Is it possible to find out if you too have been affected by the iWorm virus? How can you find out SeiWorm on your Mac?

Obviously you can check the presence or not of iWorm on your Mac and make it really simple: just open the Finder, select Go> Go to folder and type the following addresses inside it:

/ Library / Application Help / JavaW


/ Library / Application Support / JavaW

How do I remove Worm from Mac? How do I remove Worm from Mac? Clean Mac DaiWorm?

If OS X cannot find the files then you are not infected; otherwise, to eliminate the infection you will have to use any antivirus for Mac.

In the meantime, to avoid getting hit by malware iWorm, avoid downloading cracked software from the internet for Mac.

Danger that escaped, then? Maybe, indeed not: iWorm's capabilities include downloading and executing new versions of itself or other types of malware, and therefore it is foreseeable that the botnet has already evolved into something other than the operation identified by Dr.Web.

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