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Do you have a 190/5300? Apple estimates it 1.4 million

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Do you have a 190/5300? Apple evaluates it 1.4 million logomacitynet1200wide 1

Remember the unfortunate 190/5300 powerbook series? Many specimens, not to mention the totality of them, had defects that literally prevent their use, forcing Apple to launch an extraordinary repair program, still standing. Starting from this consideration, Apple must have thought that it would be cheaper to replace all the laptops still around of those series, rather than proceed with repairs, to the point of offering 700 dollars (over 1.4 million) discount to those , in possession of the offending machines, want to switch to a new (email protected) Mhz. The overvaluation for these machines was already existing, but the campaign was continued until the end of August and giving the possibility to access it to a wider audience: up last month, in fact, it was necessary to be the first owners of the machine and the same had to be functional, but now also the subsequent owners will be able to access the program and also by returning a non-functioning laptop. For us Europeans there seems to be no chance to see anything like our markets, however the signal from Apple remains comforting, it means taking care of the customer (even if for the moment of those of the internal market), also of the customer who has not bought machines in recent years or of the new customer who approached Apple with a used machine; It will be primarily an economic evaluation that made by Apple, but market shares are maintained and also conquer.

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