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Do ringtones arrive on iTunes?

The next version of iTunes will offer the possibility to use any song as a ringtone and to select the part of the song you prefer to upload it to your mobile phone. This is the indiscretion that emerges from the New York Post.

The Manhattan tabloid, which in the past has not shown great reliability when it comes to rumors about Apple, cites in support of its theses some sources close to the negotiations that would have led Cupertino to draw up an agreement, in some ways innovative. access, at least in the US, give the opportunity to use only predetermined parts of songs for this purpose and also charge them a significant amount: from 1.99 to 2.99 $. In the case of Apple, however, it would be enough to download the song from the store and pay a small amount for its use as a ringtone so as to have it immediately available for the phone. The sales method would be the same used for unprotected songs: in practice, buying a song would have the possibility of downloading it in the ringtone version.

In addition to the music to be used as a ringtone, according to the NY Post, Apple will also sell traditional ringtones, not customized. Unlike, however, of traditional ringtones those produced with iTunes would work only with iPhone, at least this according to the American newspaper. Another not positive news: Universal, recently released from a long-term agreement with Apple, would not have joined the agreement.

The voices of a system to upload ringtones to iPhone are not new. On an iTunes screen seen in San Francisco during WWDC it clearly showed a written "Ringtone" ringtone.

If Apple were to decide to enter this business it would not have an easy life given the realities that already operate in it, but the market is too greedy to not be tempted. As known, the turnover of music sold online in the world overshadowed by that of ringtones. In Italy, for example, the huge business is a figure that according to some sources equal to 70% of the total digital music sold.

The announcement of the iTunes ringtones section could come during the next Apple event scheduled for Wednesday.