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Disney Digicomics: Mickey & C. arriving on iPhone and touch

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From tomorrow, Disney characters will land on iPhone and iPod touch. The details on the editorial initiative of which Macitynet had already provided several advances were provided today during a press conference during which, in Milan, by The Walt Disney Company.

The Digicomics project focuses on the latest generation of pocket digital devices, in particular iPhone and iPod touch, as a new generation editorial platform on which to transport the world of Mickey & C. applying a philosophy on which Disney has been working for about 2 years. The goal is to convert the immense archive of Walt Disney strips and comics by directly importing the original material and then converting it into a digital version, at the same time allowing you to create ad hoc versions for the main pocket devices in circulation today and also for those that will come in future. The historic Disney strips will exploit the potential and functions offered by the new digital devices but without distorting the Mickey Mouse reading experience.

As for the experience for the end user, reading on iPhone and touch will be possible through the Disney Digicomics Player program. Thanks to this application, available tomorrow on the App Store, it will be possible to consult the catalog of available comics, make purchases, finally organize and manage your collection of Disney digital comics using the in app purchase with costs that will go to 0.79 a 4.99 euros. Once the stories have been downloaded it will be possible to view them according to the protagonist, the genre, perform searches, create playlists of favorites and much more in a very similar way to what has been happening for some time for personal music.

"With Digicomics the individual vignettes of the story scroll one after the other with a click controlled by the reader, separated by simple transitions (fades, panning, and so on), thus reconstructing the" strip "reading and thus preserving the fruit dynamics of comic language – explained Gianfranco Cordara, Disney New Media Managing Editor in a press event that took place today in Milan – “We wanted to avoid more radical interventions, such as animation or special effects, because they do not belong to the tradition of comics and risked distracting readers from the most important thing, that storytelling ".

Recall that in addition to Apple's multi-touch paperbacks, Disney DigiComics will also be available for Nokia Ovi, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS. The official launch on the App Store is expected for the next few hours on the App Store of Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries: the other nations will only follow later.