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Discounted office in the USA

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A new promotion starts today in the United States that will allow everyone who will buy a new Mac to buy a copy of Office for Mac OS X at a reduced price of just $ 199 (just over € 200).

The initiative, which according to some sources will last until 7 January and which to be valid requires the purchase of Office simultaneously with the Mac, comes in the wake of a series of disputes between Apple and Microsoft that lasted all summer and at the center of the what was Office, its price and the spread of Mac OS X.

As our readers will remember Redmond had raised an alarm cry, claiming that the sales of the suite were not on par with expectations (less than half) and that the responsibilities of the poor sales were of Apple who was making little effort to promote Mac OS X. As a result of this finding, the Microsoft Mac sector manager only guaranteed a subsequent release of the package, leaving future implementations of the package in uncertainty.

Apple, by mail, replied that if there were responsibilities in the scarce diffusion of Office they were to be found in the policy adopted by Microsoft which charged a price too high for the package that was outside the reach of the finances of many users, especially in a period not as flourishing as the current one. Recall that the Mac version of Office actually costs more than the Windows version. Upgrading costs from previous versions are increasingly high, not to mention the fact that PC users can buy Office at discounted prices when they buy machines from some resellers who have special agreements with Microsoft. For Mac users, the only possibility of having price reductions is limited to promotions for the educational market or with the purchase of multiple copies.

The decision to start the promotion can be seen, as the case may be, as the latest effort to promote a product that has actually had many difficulties, or as the sprouting of an olive branch between two companies that have recently had different other reasons for friction.

Something more could be guessed if you knew who will pay the promotion bill, whether Microsoft or Apple. But neither company made any statements on the matter.

Schiller, head of global marketing, said the initiative was one of several that Apple will put in place in the coming weeks to push sales around the Christmas season. Schiller then underlined in other statements that the choice to offer a discount for the purchase of the package is an acknowledgment of the importance of Office for the platform.

The discount on Office, according to several sites, will start in America but would be destined to land soon also in Europe and in the rest of the world. According to news collected online and still to be verified, the campaign on the old continent will start in November.