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Discount iPods.

logomacitynet1200wide 1 and also, as it is now known, sell the iPod and the price is usually the standardized one in dollars that can also be seen on the American Apple Store. Three weeks from Christmas the two stores, among the most popular with the public United States (to which exclusively foreign branches, European, including, in this case, turn to not are involved), they offer interesting discounts on the beautiful Apple iPod.

Dell applies a 10% discount on iPod models for Win for sale at its online store (including the extra power adapter and the case), bringing the prices in dollars to the following values: iPod Win 5 GB $ 269.10 ; iPod Win 10 GB $ 359.10; iPod Win 20 GB $ 449.10; extra adapter for iPod $ 44.10; nylon case for iPod $ 35.10.Remember that according to Apple's official FAQ it is possible to convert an iPod for Win (reformatting it into HFS +) into iPod for Mac but, it must be kept in mind, that this is an irreversible process once carried out , because Windows cannot recognize this format.

Amazon announces the promo "Travel Bundle", valid with the code "TRAVELBNDLPD". It is possible to buy (until December 31st) a 20 GB iPod (Win or Mac) at 474.05 but not all because included in the price are obtained ( if ordered together) a cigarette lighter power adapter for iPod, Griffin PowerPod Auto (worth $ 19) and an FM radio frequency transmitter, Irock! 300w Wireless Music Adapter (value $ 30), already an accessory made official by Apple. If purchased without discounts, all three products would reach a total of $ 523.03.

On this occasion, we report the prices of the iPod in Italy, applied by some of our sponsors.Macorner offers the 5 GB iPod (Win and Mac) at 381.60 euros including VAT instead of 399 euros.UpWare by Silene offers iPods (Win and Mac) from 5 GB to 395 euros including VAT, those from 10 GB to 495 euros including VAT and finally those from 20 GB to 645 euros including VAT.