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Discount Calculator Calculate Discounts & Mirror

Discount Calculator Calculate Discounts & Mirror

This truly indispensable app for those who love to do shopping! In a period of discounts between the confusion and the really complicated tags to understand what the real offers are, here is the solution for our problems …

Discount Calculator – Discount Calculator & Mirror arises from the need to be able to quickly and easily calculate the discounts. Undoubtedly one of the best applications in its category, also thanks to captivating graphics and attention to detail carefully designed to facilitate its purely female use.

The main features of this app are:

  • Calculation of discounts (both single and double);
  • Quick keys for easily changing the discount value (-10%, -1%, + 1%, + 10%) and for enabling the double discount;
  • Multilingual: 7 languages ​​supported (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish);
  • Portable mirror: enabled the "mirror" mode allows you to mirror (with the activation of the rear camera on devices not equipped with a front camera).

On first use, a short tutorial will appear that will explain all the features of the program.

You can find it for free in the Android market at the following link:

(Qr) (/ qr)

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