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Discord group chat adds drop-in and drop-out videos

Discord group chat adds drop-in and drop-out videos

Discord has also taken all measures to make its platform more useful to people affected by the coronavirus block; to this end, it has added a new video call feature to help its users stay in touch with friends and family. Today, the video chat feature is distributed to all users on desktop, web and iOS. On Android the feature coming soon.

Discord has had a video chat feature since 2017, so the new option is not absolutely new. Video server, so called the novelty, a little different. As Discord argues, in fact, it is more suitable for drop-in, drop-out conversations, and serves

Either relax in a video call with some friends, or simply relax alone so that others can see you talking

It is, therefore, a possibility similar to that offered by Houseparty. While in recent times Discord has taken measures to position itself as a sort of chat platform, perhaps even as an alternative to Zoom, whose popularity has recently exploded, the app was designed for gaming, and Video Server reflects this philosophy. In addition to video chat, the novelty allows users to chat and go live at the same time, so that they can show their room while they are playing a stream or sharing the screen.

Discord adds drop-in and drop-out video chats

As the company claims in its blog post, the advent of the coronavirus has prompted the team to prioritize options that can help people spend more time face to face together. In addition, the team recalls how "Discord updates are driven by community feedback", and therefore further changes and features can be expected in the future, designed to make Discord a viable alternative to some of the most consolidated video chat platforms to date.

You can download the iOS app directly at this address, compatible with iPhone and iPad.