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Disco Elysium, the role-playing game that has won everything now even on a Mac discount

It is impossible to take into account the numerous prizes, awards and special mentions collected by Disco Elysium: now the award-winning role-playing game also available for Mac, moreover offered at a discount on Steam while we write (or at full price on the Mac App Store).

Even more impressive is the very high average score achieved by this title, not only in the reviews from the main publications dedicated to video games, but also and above all in the reviews of users who have tried and played it thoroughly.

It is precisely the original and profound universe of this production that affects both the players and the reviewers. In Disco Elysium we have complete freedom, not only to grow and improve the protagonist with a sophisticated system of points and skills, but also to choose whether to undertake a good life, to become a good detective in the service of the good of the community, or if instead take the bad road and become an abject human being.

Disco Elysium, the role-playing game that has won everything now even for Mac on sale

The adjectives used to describe this game are wasted: powerful, obsessive, funny, even poetic. The characters we will meet along the adventure are complex, realistic and credible, a result possible also thanks to the sophisticated system of dialogues, so much so that many players have the impression that they are dealing with real individuals and not with standard characters managed by the computer.

Disco Elysium, the role-playing game that has won everything now even for Mac on sale

The game world, vast and fully explorable, the quantity of objects and skills, the complete freedom of choice and bestowal are supported by an original and well-kept graphic and sound sector. For fans of role-playing and adventure games it is one of the most innovative and attractive titles of recent years.


For all these reasons, the announcement by the developer that now Disco Elysium also available for Mac represents excellent news for fans of the genre and in general for fans of video games on Mac who have always understandably suffered from the shortage of prominent titles on the Apple platform. compared to Windows PCs.

Perhaps also for the arrival on the Apple platform, as we write this article, Disco Elysium for Mac available from this Steam page, with 25% discount on the list price, at 29.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros. Elysium disc for Mac also available from this Mac App Store page at the full price of 43.99 euros from this page.