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Disable the navigation bar OnePlus 5T (root)

Disable the navigation bar OnePlus 5T (root)

In this guide we will explain how disable the OnePlus 5T navigation bar and how to control the Chinese smartphone simply by gestures. As we know, in fact, the Chinese smartphone has a large 18: 9 display which, in the lower part, is completely occupied by the navigation bar typical of Android smartphones. Not only that, but you don't even have the possibility to choose the color of the bar to make it adapt to the color of the screen in which it is found. The color is always white and this is not the best.

How to disable the OnePlus 5T navigation bar and use the Gestures to control it

Not all users particularly appreciated the navigation bar on OnePlus 5T as it takes up the whole lower part of the splendid 18: 9 display and could therefore be invasive during use. If you are one of these, then you will be happy to know that in this guide you can finally get rid of that annoying navigation bar.

Before you start, however, well you know that the procedure involves the modification of the build.prop, possible only thanks toroot permissions, and the use of Xposed is Magisk. But don't be intimidated, the procedure is actually very simple and fast.

  1. Install on your smartphone the Build.Prop Editorand grant the access to the app once installed.
  2. Open the build.prop editor and edit the following lines:
    # Qemu.hw.mainkeys = 0  e cambiarlo nella riga sottostante  qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1
  3. At this point, close the editor and download the appMagisk v14.0.
  4. Open the Magisk app and install Magisk's Xposed system. Also inside the Magisk app, you will also need to install the Xposed APK.
  5. Restart the phone. Open the Xposed app previously downloaded from Magisk and search for and enable "Gravity Box Nougat".
  6. Open Gravity Box and click on "modify navigation bar";
  7. Activate the main switch and deactivate the "Enable navigation bar" option.
  8. Restart the smartphone again. After rebooting go to the Settings of the smartphone and then to "Buttons". You will need to display a new option called "Enable Navigation Bar". Disable this option if it is already active.

Disable the navigation bar on OnePlus 5T

At this point, all you have to do is restart your smartphone again. As if by magic, your OnePlus 5T will be free from the navigation bar and you will no longer see the Android buttons at the bottom of the screen.

But how to do it once the navigation bar has been removed to control your OnePlus 5T? Simple, through gestures. You can download it for free from the appSwipe Navigationfrom the Play Store. Through the application you can set different gestures based on your preferences.

Soon this guide could be superfluous, because the company leaked into the Chinese forum the OnePlus 5T navigation bar could be replaced with gestures of the type adopted on iPhone X. The date, however, is not known.

If you have this interesting device, you may also like to know how to unlock the bootloader and get the root permissions for OnePlus 5T.