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Disable the lock and unlock code on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Disable the lock and unlock code on iPhone, iPod, iPad


How to disable the lock and unlock code on iPhone, iPod, iPad: here is the complete guide

Disable, deactivate and remove the lock code on iPhone, iPod and iPad: here's how to do it on iOS 7


How to disable, change and manage the Code Lock in iOS 7, for iPhone and iPad

The new iOS 7 operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad has introduced a very important novelty: unlocking the phone with a code. The code to be entered is asked immediately after installation and the first start of iOS7. The same optional block (we can decide whether to activate it or not). But, once activated, how can I remove it? Very simple operation, which we will now see together in detail in this complete guide.

Today we will see together how to activate or deactivate the use of the security code on iPhone, iPod and iPad (all models) updated to iOS 7. The very simple guide within the reach of all users.

As you certainly know, the security code that you find on iPhone, iPod and iPad prevents other users from having access to what is contained in your mobile phone (images, messages, etc.) without your authorization. When using the active security code, you must enter it when the mobile phone is on standby and every time you turn it on: in this way no one will be able to read your messages, look at your photos or do any other operation without your permission.

Those who do not know the lock code or security code of your device, in fact, cannot use it in any way without your consent. Surely this is a very powerful tool for protecting your personal data, but that in the long run can become annoying as you will have to insert it every time your iPhone, iPod and iPad is locked or will go into stand-by. So if you are tired of inserting this lock code every time on iPhone, iPod and iPad, in this guide we will see how to remove it, deactivate it and remove it forever.

So let's see what needs to be done to disable the lock code when this status has been entered and we no longer want to type it every time the device goes into Stand-by.

How to disable the lock and unlock code on iPhone, iPod, iPad: here is the complete guide

As we said, iOS 7 has included this new function by default for security reasons, to protect your device from data theft or prying eyes. In fact, with the lock code active on the iPhone, no one will be able to use your Apple device without your consent. If you want to disable, remove and remove the lock code, here are the steps you need to follow.

How to permanently disable the lock code on iPhone, iPod and iPad

How to disable code lock on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7?

All Apple devices that use the iOS 7 operating system have a lock code by default which is activated when the phone enters stand-by mode. Equivalent to the four-digit code (PIN) that is required when you buy a new SIM card and decide to make it active on a mobile phone. Apple has made this system mandatory to ensure greater security for its devices, also giving the possibility of creating an even more complicated protection sequence, with the use of letters and special characters. But just ten days after the marketing of iOS 7 and the new iPhones and iPads that support it, the first flaws came out regardless of the sequence and the first ways to get around the block are already circulating on the internet.

Anyone who decides not to take advantage of this protection will have to perform a few simple steps.

To permanently deactivate the lock code, perform the following steps:

Go to Settings> General and then go to Code Lock.


To change the status, the system will ask you to enter the current block code. Enter the four-digit code.


After entering it, enter Disable code and from here select the option No.

At this point, the system will ask if you want to deactivate the code and inform you of the risks you may incur. If you are sure you want to remove and disable the lock code, click on Disable.


Now the Apple device will ask you if you also want to deactivate (always if you have activated it) the iCloud Keychain: to this question you can answer as you prefer.

Once this operation is completed, the device will no longer ask you for the lock code to switch from Stand-by mode to the active one.

Well, I'd say we're done.

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