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Direct from Paris, no more than yes

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Live from Paris, no more than s

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It now seems virtually certain that the opening speech of Apple Expo will not be broadcast live via the Internet. Some American Internet sites hypothesize it but also, and above all, sources close to Apple consulted by Macity in the past few hours. Thus, contrary to what was hoped for until last weekend, the people of the Apple will be forced to learn when it happens in Paris through Internet tam tam and press releases. To aggravate the possible lack of information also the news that there will not even be a direct via Satellite at the Apple offices in Europe. The decision not to transmit the keynote would have been justified by Apple USA with the time difference with the USA that would have cut a good part of the audience. A motivation that many European users find very weak if not irritating. "This is a new discrimination against non-US customers – reads many newsgroups and comments -; on the basis of the same logic it is not clear why, instead, the speeches that are held in North America are sent live. For Japan and Australia deep night. "According to other sources, the direct failure would be justified by the fact that the keynote will not present any relevant news. This justification, on the other hand, does not appear to be reliable given that Jobs himself has declared that Paris will mark the beginning of the distribution of MacOs X and given that almost unanimously observers believe that always at Expo to debut the new iBook.Remember that last February for the Tokyo MacWorld there was no direct connection despite the presentation of the PowerBook with FireWire and an upgrading of the iBook. . It is difficult to deny whoever believes that the cancellation of the webcast and the satellite transmission, whatever the reason, automatically declassifies the Paris fair as a second-rate event compared to the shows in New York and San Francisco. If the keynote were not transmitted live it would remain , in any case, the possibility that a deferred event may be made available from the Webstudio site. At the moment, none of the above is shown in the list of programs.

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