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Digidesign as a gift.

As it happened long ago for another version, the 3.4, technologically outdated, Digidesign returns to give ProTools with the occasion of the release of the new one.

Probably the digital audio professionals are already in line to buy the latest ProTools, 5.1, but, for those who want to try this object, for many, only of desire, there is the opportunity to get their hands on a recent ProTools, version 5.0.1, that Digidesign will let download next autumn for free from their site, or, paying a small fee, you will receive the CD. Obviously, no support will be given to users.

This is ProTools 5.0.1 LE, but don't be fooled by this acronym meaning Light Edition, the application manages 8 audio channels, 48 ??midi and two IN / OUT channels with the standard Sound Manager, which, as much for a start, it's not bad.