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DIGICAD 3D 7.1 News in architectural photogrammetry

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DIGICAD 3D 7.1 News in architectural photogrammetry –

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The "Carbon" version for Mac Os X of DigiCad 3D is finally ready. The version takes full advantage of the features of multitasking, protected memory, print management and many other features typical of Mac Os X. Of course, the graphical interface has also undergone changes and fully supports the Aqua style.

Where other programs and simple plugins simply straighten a single image, DigiCad 3D can operate in various ways, both in photogrammetry and in cartography, with a complete series of exclusive solutions, such as working by parts, composing multiple parts , georeferencing and more. The new features – Partially transparent images. The version capable of generating transparent images only in the white parts. This is useful in overlapping multiple photographs or cards, because you get cropped images that are easily superimposed on other images. Naturally, the completely transparent images remain, useful for superimposing them on technical drawings, and the completely opaque images. – Speeding up the graphic and analytical definition of the points of origin and destination. This was achieved through quick context menus and through the automatic attachment of the attachment points to pre-existing graphic elements.

For more information on DigiCad 3D, see this page on the Interstudio website.

Existing users can download the beta version.

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