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Difference between MBA and Executive MBA

MBA the

acronym for Master in Business Administration, a degree program provided by a recognized university. On the other hand, the Post Diploma in Management (PGDM) a diploma program, provided by independent institutions and colleges, or recognized universities.

Nowadays, students are very worried about their career, as they wish to take a course like this that not only gives a boost to their career, but offers various opportunities to learn new skills. An individual lands us in a complicated situation; where they find it difficult to choose between professional courses, which adapt to their needs.

MBA and PGDM are the two courses that absorb entrepreneurial and managerial skills in the individual and often lead to confusion among which one should choose one over the other. This article sheds light on the differences between MBA and PGDM, take a read.

Comparative chart

Basis for comparison MBAPGDM
Expands to Master in Business Administration. Postgraduate Diploma in Management.
Sense An MBA is a program offered by various universities to inculcate business and management knowledge, generally theoretical, in students. A PGDM is a course offered by AICTE approved institutes or autonomous universities, to develop entrepreneurial or industrial skills in students.
Type of course master's degree Graduation's certificate
Powered by Universit Autonomous universities or AICTE approved.
school program stiff Flexible
Tariff structure Affordable Relatively high
Carry on further studies After the MBA, a person can pursue higher studies such as Phd. PGDM does not recognize a person pursuing higher education.
Focus on the curriculum MBA focuses on developing technical skills and business knowledge. PGDM is more sector-oriented and therefore develops transversal skills.

Definition of MBA

MBA stands for Master in Business Administration, a degree program offered by various universities, where after graduation students can take admission with an entrance exam, ie CAT / MAT / GMAT, etc. AICTE approved, and UGC recognized course that helps develop an understanding of business and management in students.

Hence, the MBA helps to inculcate technical skills and commercial knowledge, generally theoretical, in graduates. the most popular course in the world and recognized internationally.

Definition of PGDM

PGDM is an abbreviation for Post Graduate Diploma in Management, a certified diploma course offered by several independent institutes (not affiliated to the university) or university, in which after graduation students can take admission directly or by passing a entrance exam such as CAT / MAT / GMAT etc. Depending on the institution's policies.

a course approved by AICTE and recognized by UGC that helps develop key skills and industrial techniques in students.

Therefore, the PGDM program helps prepare graduates for senior level positions in the sector.

Key differences between MBA and PGDM

  1. MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and PGDM stands for Postgraduate Diploma in Management.
  2. MBA helps develop knowledge primarily of business and management while PGDM helps to learn key skills related to business or industry.
  3. MBA a diploma, while PGDM a diploma.
  4. The MBA offered by the university while an autonomous university or AICTE approved institutes offer PGDM
  5. The MBA curriculum is rigid because it is framed by the university and is changed once every 3 or 5 years. On the other hand, the flexible PGDM curriculum, as it can change its program according to industry standards and the corporate environment, which keeps changing from time to time.
  6. When it comes to the commission structure of the two courses, PGDM is more expensive than MBA.
  7. After completing the MBA, further studies may be required as a PhD. PGDM, on the other hand, does not make a person suitable to take courses, whose first and main condition is a degree.
  8. MBA focused on developing technical skills and business knowledge. On the contrary, PGDM is more sector-oriented and therefore develops transversal skills.


  • Admission to the course after graduation.
  • AICTE approved and UGC recognized.
  • The duration of the two-year course.
  • Admission exam.
  • Know the business and management ethics.


Students who are confused as to which course they choose can go through these differences and make their choice wise. MBA helps an individual to inculcate technical skills and business knowledge, mostly of a theoretical nature, while PGDM helps to develop industrial skills and achieve specialization in the field of interest. The MBA prepares you to acquire business knowledge and to pass exams, while PGDM prepares you for the highest level positions in the sector.

Hence, there is a very fine line of difference between these two and it must be chosen based on the individual's requirements.