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Difference between Like and As

Difference between Like and As

In English, the words how and how are commonly exchanged and used interchangeably. However, they are not similar in their meaning, since we use the word "mi like it "to indicate something we love or prefer to do, or for someone you admire. On the other hand, the word" how "used to refer to a person's occupation or character.

In addition to these meanings, how and how it can also refer to "in the same way" which often confuses people about their use in sentences. Let's take a look at the example to understand their difference:

  • How your father wants you to be successful in your life.
  • How your father wants you to be successful in your life.

You may have noticed that, in the very first sentence, we used "like", which means that the person we are talking about is not the father, but he has a similar position. In the next sentence, we used "how", which means that the person is the father of the subject.

Comparative chart

Basis for comparison. Like
Sense The word "like" used to mean "similar to" or "equal to". It can also be used to give some examples. The word "how" is used in sentences to highlight work, appearance or function. It can also be used to mean "the same way".
Parts of the speech Name, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition and Conjunction Adverb, Preposition and Conjunction
When followed by the name It refers to "similar or the same way as". Refers to "in the role of".
Comparison Like followed by a noun phrase. As followed by a clause.
Examples Nick dances like Michael Jackson. Like I said, I'm going to move to Delhi this week.
Talk to you like talking to a 3 year old. He worked as a director of photography.
I wish I could have a house like yours. late for class, as always.

Definition of likes

The word "like" used in sentences for someone or something we like, admire or feel positive. It also indicates the similarity, that is, when someone or something looks like another, we use the word as in the sentence. Either used as a preposition and followed by a noun / pronoun, or it is used as a conjunction, where a clause comes after it. Now let's discuss the uses of like:

  1. For admire something :
    • To Sophia like it to dance.
    • You like it to be arrogant?
  2. To show the same characteristics, qualities or traits :
    • how a brother to me.
    • Paul has a dog how Jane.
  3. If like followed by a noun, it implies " in the same way as ":
    • You look like your mother.
    • Monica is behaving how a celebrity
  4. For draw attention to the type of action taken :
    • How can you talk to me like that?
  5. As an adverb, it can be used to edit the sentences :
    • just how his mother, Jimmy also wants to serve the nation.
  6. It can also mean for example :
    • There are many beautiful places in Delhi how the Lotus Temple, the Red Fort, the Nehru Planetarium, the India Gate, etc.

Definition of As

Basically, 'as' used to make a comparison, to indicate the extent or degree of an object or an individual. It can also refer to an individual's function, job or qualities. Furthermore, "like" can also be used in the context of "in the same way". Now, let's take a look at the data points to understand, how we can use it in our sentences:

  1. To refer to " alike ":
    • can use the new software how indicated in the manual.
    • The event took place, how planned.
  2. To point out the occupation, character, position or role of a person :
    • How teacher, I always like to teach new things, my students.
    • your duty how auditor, give a true and fair view of the accounts.
  3. For make a comparison between two entities :
    • I'm not tall how Jane.
    • Football doesn't cos famous as the cricket in India.
  4. We use how when two things happen simultaneously :
    • I looked at it while out.
    • Growing up, I realized what is good for me or not.
    • While I was going, the guests arrived.
  5. To give reasons :
    • Because I was in a hurry, I didn't notice the sign on the street.
    • Because he was hungry, he ate everything; her mother did it for her.

Key differences between how and how

The difference between how and how presented in the following points:

  1. 'I like' a term that we can use to indicate some similarities of qualities or characteristics or the way something is done. It can also be used to give examples or to indicate that we admire something. In contrast, 'As' used to refer to 'in the same way'. It also describes a person's function, character or job. It also reflects the comparison in how something happens.
  2. 'Like', can be used as a name, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition and Conjunction. However, 'as' can be used as a preposition, conjunction and adverb.
  3. If the word "like" followed by a name, it reflects something similar or the same way as. On the other hand, as happens with a noun, it means "in the role of".
  4. As you compare, "like" followed by a nominal phrase. On the contrary, "how" precedes the clause in the case of comparison between two entities.
  5. Examples :
    • Complete the project how I suggested you and not how did you decide.
    • Veronica bella how Meera, but not how Divya.


Like it

  • I don't like it wasting money unnecessarily.
  • how blame me for the accident.
  • Why do you act how a child, when are you not?


  • Steve worked how programmer, early in his career.
  • How always, Peter got 90% of his exams.
  • Could you please do it, how I directed you.

How to remember the difference

There are many differences between the two terms, particularly in their real meaning. How it means when we admire someone or something, while how it reflects 'in the role of'.