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Difference between LED and CFL bulbs

Difference between LED and CFL bulbs

The invention of the incandescent bulb by Thomas Alva Edison and his team was one of the greatest inventions in history. After continuous research on bulbs, the scientists discovered that LED and CFL bulbs are definitely better than incandescent bulbs. When it comes to choosing light bulbs, LED bulbs are much more efficient than CFL bulbs in terms of energy consumption and years of life, but at the same time their high cost.

One must make a choice between these two as they are found in a wide variety in the market which is available according to the requirement and the request.

This article will give you an in-depth understanding of the difference between LED and CFL bulbs.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparison LED bulbs CFL bulbs
Stands for Light emitting diode bulbs Compact fluorescent bulbs
Efficiency tall Comparatively less
Electricity used (equal to a 60 watt light bulb) 6-8 watts 13-15 watts
Saving Up to 80% per year in energy costs Up to 75% per year in energy costs
Life (in hours) 50000 hours 8000 hours
Cost tall Comparatively less
durability Very durable Fragile glass can be broken easily
Cut it Small Great
Heat Stay cool It heats up quickly

Definition of LED bulbs

LED bulbs, also referred to as "Light Emitting Diode", are the most energy-efficient lighting devices yet invented. These bulbs consume much less energy than other light sources.

These energy efficient devices are becoming very popular in various areas, including aviation, traffic signs, mining, elevators and more. It does not contain mercury like CFL bulbs, but contains other harmful components such as lead and nickel. The most notable feature of LED bulbs is that can be recycled.

Could you ask yourself, how do they work? Well, the electrons have gone through the semiconductor material that illuminates the tiny particles, known as LEDs.

Definition of CFL bulbs

CFL bulbs are also called " light bulbs compact fluorescents ". Le light bulbs are more energy efficient bulbs than incandescent bulbs, but less efficient than LEDs. These bulbs consist of Argon and the small amount of mercury. They are used in offices, shops, houses and schools, etc. For lighting purposes.

Normally, they are available in a spiral or helix shape and take time to fully clear.

Key differences between LED and CFL bulbs

  1. The LED bulb stands for Light Emitting Diode and CFL synonymous with compact fluorescent light.
  2. LED bulbs are more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lamps.
  3. The LED bulb consumes less energy than its CFL counterpart by 75% per year in terms of energy costs.
  4. The life span of an LED bulb typically up to 50,000 hours or more, while the life of a CFL bulb up to 8000 hours.
  5. The expensive LED bulb of a CFL bulb.
  6. The main difference between them and LED bulbs are durable and long lasting compared to compact fluorescent lamps.
  7. The size of the LED bulb is usually less than a CFL bulb.
  8. The LED bulb, when lightened, remains cold, while the CFL bulb heats up quickly.


  • Consume less electricity
  • Fixed the highest price of a traditional incandescent light bulb.
  • Efficient cost.
  • longevity
  • Efficiency


The difficult decision for a person to choose between the two: LED and CFL. Both are good, but there are many differences between them that we have already discussed. These differences can help you choose between them based on your needs and the ability to pay.

LED bulbs are undoubtedly far ahead of compact fluorescent bulbs. Nowadays, the cost of LED bulbs is gradually decreasing, and in the future, you can expect an LED bulb that costs less than a CFL bulb.