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Difference between goals and objectives

A company's goals and objectives are the foundations that measure the distance traveled to achieve its vision. The objectives they are defined as permanent goals, that an individual or entity strive to achieve something. Determine what the company is attempting to accomplish. On the other hand, the targets they are the specific milestones that a person plans to achieve in a limited period. These are precise, measurable, time-based actions that help achieve the goal.

Each company sets goals and objectives in order to achieve its mission and vision. These are specific results that a company aims to achieve within specific times, even with the available resources. Take a reading of this article to understand the difference between goals and objectives.

Comparative chart

Basis for comparing objectives objectives
Sense Goals are the results that can only be achieved if attempts are made in a particular direction. A goal is a long-term goal that a person strives to achieve.
What is it? Means for an end Final results
base The facts ideas
Time frame Medium term short term Long term
measurement Easy Comparatively difficult
materialIt Concrete Abstract
Action Specific Generic

Goal setting

Goals are defined as the goal or purpose that a person imagines or intends to achieve or achieve in the future. They are the driving force that directs a person to make efforts to achieve it.

In our childhood, we decide what we want to become in the future and strive to achieve it. The goal is that point that a person imagines, after a certain period of time. To achieve these goals, people usually set a timeline so that they can reach their goal in the desired time. However, they are long term.

Goal setting

The goal or goal that you want to achieve within a limited period known as the goal. They are the milestones that help you achieve your goal. This is the reason why they are also defined as sub-objectives. a step to reach a particular point. Suppose I want to score 90% of the marks in an exam to get admitted to a good university.

Goals are easily measurable upon reaching the goal. For example, a company wants to increase its sales by 50% in the next six months and when it reaches the target it can be measured by the sales figure.

Key differences between goals and objectives

The main differences between objectives and objectives are provided below:

  1. The objectives are the general objectives, which can be achieved through continuous actions taken in the specific direction. Goals are the goals you want to achieve in a short space of time.
  2. Goals are the result, or rather a primary result, but if we talk about goals, a springboard to reach the goal.
  3. Goals are based on ideas, while goals are based on facts.
  4. When it comes to the time limit, it is difficult to correctly determine which time can be achieved, but goals can be time-related, in essence, they can be achieved in a given period.
  5. difficult to measure your goals, i.e. how far you have traveled so far, while chasing your goal and how much remains to be achieved. On the other hand, the targets are easy to measure.
  6. The goals are abstract, while the goals are concrete.
  7. Goals require general action to achieve it. Contrary to the objectives, it requires specific actions.


Although there is a difference between goals and objectives, goals are the steps you need to take to reach your goal. So, it won't be wrong if we say that goals are part of the goal. Goals imply lifelong ambition; defines the destination where you want to see yourself after a certain period. Goals are short-term goals that you set yourself to achieve something, in a set period.