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Difference between acceptance and exception

In English, the words accept and except for the somewhat similar sound in the pronunciation, but are written differently. While to accept in basic terms it means "to agree with" or "to maintain a certain proposition as true". But when you talk except, means "not included" or "other than".

With the example below, you may be able to understand the difference between accepting and clearly excepting:

  • The company has approved all conditions of workers, except the third.

Here, all conditions of workers are agreed by the company but not by the third. To get a better understanding of the subject, read the complete article and use the two words wisely in your sentences.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparison Accept these
Sense Accept an action word, which explains what an individual believes or assumes. Except a conditional word that modifies a sentence, that limits the meaning or area of ??a sentence.
Pronunciation kspt kspt
Part of the speech Verb Preposition or conjunction
use used to show an agreement. used to highlight what is not included in the larger complex.
Example Alex accepted the invitation to the awards ceremony. Except Alex, nobody was interested in going to the awards ceremony.

Definition of Accept

Basically, accepting means accepting or giving approval to something. used as a verb to show someone's consent to an offer or an invitation, to consider something considerable, to believe in some correct statement, to admit something.

You can use "accept" in a sentence when he / she wants to give an affirmative answer to someone. Let's talk about how we can use accept in our sentences:

  1. For give consent to take something :
    • Kindly ax project work.
    • I accept the my mistake.
  2. For give an affirmative answer to an offer or an invitation :
    • I have accepted the their proposal, for the film.
  3. For give approval to something :
    • His question was accepted for the role of content writer.
  4. Hold or believe that something is true :
    • This something I can't to accept .

Definition of Except

In simple terms, except that it means "other than" or "excluded", ie something that is not included in the given declaration. It can be used as different parts of speech in a sentence.

When except used as a preposition in a sentence, it shows the position of a specific thing over another, and when used as a verb, means exclusion from something. Come and understand how they are used in a sentence:

  1. As a preposition, it is used when we exclude something :
    • I can go to the party at any time except the Sunday.
    • Except that for Alex, we all went to the circus.
  2. As a conjunction to link two conditions in a sentence, and so, refers to 'however' or 'ma'.
    • All the clothes in this store are good, except the blue one.
  3. To refer to less than :
    • I don't use a mobile phone, except if urgent.

Key differences between acceptance and exception

The points indicated below are substantial as regards the difference between accepting and excepting:

  1. The word "accept" simply means "giving consent to someone or something" or "receiving something" and therefore denotes an action. By contrast, "except" in basic terms means "other than" or "apart", which represents a condition in a sentence.
  2. We use to accept mainly as a verb, while except commonly used as a preposition or conjunction.
  3. You can use accept in sentences in which you request to show an agreement to something. Conversely, except that it can be used in places where there is a sort of exclusion in a sentence, which represents a condition.
  4. Example : the cricket team has approved the challenge. Except of the captain, no other team member was ready for the challenge.


To accept

  • People usually ax the rules and laws, but hardly follows them.
  • The accused has accepted the his crime, before the judge.


  • The Indian Penal Code applies to all states of India, ad exception of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The President invited all members of the company, ad exception of the Managing Director.

How to remember the difference

A great tip to recognize the difference between accepting and except that Accept starts with the word "A" and when you assign an "A" to something that means the user accepts or approves. On the other hand, with exception begins with 'ex' which means to exclude.