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Developers Union developers request changes to the WWDC App Store

iOS developers creates the Developers Union

A small group of iOS developers creates the Developers Union to request changes to the App Store. Its members say they have ideas on how to make it easier to make a living on the platform

A small group of developers for Apple platforms joined together to request new features and policies from Apple, and its members say they have ideas on how to make it easier to make a living on the platform. They call it the Developers Union and have launched a website where developers can register to show their interest in a free trial for the app store.

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Developers Union requests changes to the App Store

The Developers Union also includes some well-known names, including Jake Schumacher, director of the documentary App: The Human Story and NetNewsWire and MarsEdit developer Brent Simmons, along with a product designer named Loren Morris and a software developer named Roger Ogden.

Developers Union asks for the free trial of the app on the App Store

The Developers Union group says it will start with push for a free trial, but that will proceed with "other community-driven and developer-friendly changes", including "a more reasonable revenue cut". The ratio of revenue initially 70-30 in favor of developers at the time. Google offers a similar report, but Microsoft recently announced a reduction in its share of revenue for developers.

The web page of the Developers Union organization explains why it is a function of free trial the first to be requested:

The free trials are a great starting point and gather the necessary momentum to create significant changes. The tests allow developers to show users their creation and determine their value. Before iOS, Mac developers relied on free trials and could make a living doing great software.

Free trial only for subscription services

The Apple App Store currently allows you to try out subscription services for free, but not other types of apps.

Apparently, the Developers Union group hopes to reach 1,000 supporters this week and 20,000 before Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 begins in early June. However, to call it a not entirely correct union: there is no collective bargaining and there are no quotas for the members. technically plus a continuous petition as currently presented.

Apple's service business, which includes the App Store, one of the fastest growing ones. To date, Apple has declared that $ 86 billion has been paid to app developers and $ 26.5 billion has been paid in 2017.

iOS developers creates the Developers Union

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