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Developer Conference: Apple confirms Jobs's keynote

Apple announced today that a team of executives, led by CEO Steve Jobs, will kick off the company's Annual Developer Conference with an opening keynote starting at 10:00 am on Monday June 9, 2008 at the Moscone West center. of San Francisco. WWDC this year will show two development platforms: Mac OS X Leopard and OS X iPhone.

WWDC, a five-day event that runs from 9 to 13 June, provides for the first time the iPhone session for mobile developers with in-depth sessions and practical workshops aimed at fully exploring the capabilities of the OS software X iPhone 2.0, including the iPhone SDK and the App Store, the mode offered to developers to provide their applications wirelessly to iPhone and iPod touch users.

The iPhone session will allow mobile developers to work side by side with Apple engineers to create applications that leverage the iPhone's Multi-Touch interface, animation technology, APIs, including programming interfaces for Core technologies OS, Core Services, Media and Cocoa Touch, the integrated accelerometer and geographic location technology to provide innovative applications. The Mac session will offer the foundations and techniques necessary to develop OS X Leopard applications with sessions dedicated to each level of the system, including interface design and implementation, security, localization and networking. The sessions are designed for both programmers new to the Mac environment and veterans of the Apple world.

WWDC 2008 will offer over 150 sessions with information and labs where Apple engineers will discuss the technologies behind OS X iPhone and OS X Leopard. Developers can bring their programs to the labs and work closely with Apple engineers individually, applying development methods and techniques acquired during the sessions to improve their applications. Three other activities planned at Apple's WWDC 2008 are: presentation sessions led by engineers who provide an in-depth look at the OS X iPhone, OS X Leopard and tools and technologies such as the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder, Xcode and still others; practical sessions where participants can learn Apple's coding strategies and techniques; technology labs where participants can work closely with Apple engineers individually; special events, including Welcome Reception, Apple Design Awards, Lunchtime Speakers and Stump the Experts. More information on individual sessions and the WWDC registration form are available on this Apple web page.