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Deus Ex in Italian

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Deus Ex in Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

New venture of our friend Luciano Pecorella. The passionate Mac, manager of the well-known site entirely dedicated to games for our platform, managed to complete another venture by localizing in our language Deus Ex. The title, which has now become a classic, thanks to the patch that Luciano makes available in collaboration with Paolo β€œMacman” Barni, he presents the entire interface and dialog boxes in our language. The dialogues are not in Italian. "In an attempt to make the localization patch as small as possible – says Luciano -, we decided to release it, for the first time, as a patch application, instead of the usual Drag and Drop. The first version a beta for everyone to start trying. The installer has been tested, and it seems to be working properly "Luciano recommends, however, to all those who decide to download and install it, to make a copy of the System folder of Deus Ex, to avoid having to reinstall the whole game, if the update does not ended correctly. An important detail to consider that the Deus Ex localization patch was developed on version 1.0.3 of the application. There is no guarantee that it will work with a previous version of the game. We remember that the localization of Deus Ex is particularly significant because the game follows a plot that develops through dialog boxes that appear along the game. Those who do not know English can hardly complete the various missions.Luciano Pecorella and Paolo Barni invite all those who have tested the patch to send feedback to Games4Mac.

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