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Dell: in schools we are still first

Dell: we are still the first in schools logomacitynet1200wide 1

Dell disputes the report and preliminary data released yesterday by QED, Quality Educational Data, according to which Apple regained the first place in terms of sales in the school sector during 2001.

"We think we are well positioned in the educational segment in the USA – spokesman Dean Clein told C / Net – and we don't expect things to change." In support of its theses, Dell brings the official data distributed by IDC that show that the Roundrock company is firmly placed at 34% of the segment while Apple was sailing in second position but with only 22%.

"We do not release preliminary data – said IDC analyst David Daoud – but we believe that Dell is a very solid opponent and that it is difficult to get him out of first place." Despite this, Daoud also admitted that Apple has gained market share with the release of iBooks.

QED had allocated 27% of the market to Apple for the current year versus 15% to Dell.

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