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Dell: Apple doesn't scare us

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Dell: Apple doesn't scare us logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has lost leadership in the educational sector due to the combination of a series of factors and errors, but the most relevant reason to look for in the changing world of information technology than in the workplace dominated by Windows. Schools move from Mac to Win to prepare their students for the world of work, according to Bill Rodriguez, responsible for Dell's educational sector, the company that snatched Apple's leadership last year and continues to drive ahead today in Cupertino in the fundamental segment of the American market.Rodriguez, in an interview with C / Net, spans across the board on the competition between his company and Apple, indicating precisely in the "Win factor" the main reason for the success in head-to-head on the pitch Another reason, Rodriguez argues, the fact that in recent times new teachers who are more confident than the older ones in the Win world are coming to schools, this has helped to free schools from "prejudices" towards PC systems. Dell says he is confident enough for the future. Apple will not resume leadership even if, as it appears today, it will focus its attention in the laptop sector by conquering an absolute majority. β€œThe laptop sector – says Rodriguez – does not add up to more than 14% of the turnover to schools. I don't understand how this could allow them to come back to the top spot again. On the other hand – Rodriguez says – the data of the first quarter have shown that the run-up was in vain. Now let's see how it will go in the second quarter, but the numbers at the moment say that things are not changing much "On the other hand, explains the manager of Dell, it seems difficult that a school that has just changed systems from Mac to PC could again retrace your steps and that one who uses PC passes to Mac. Not even a poisonous hit is missing in the end of the interview. Asked if Dell is ready for a price war to continue fighting Apple Rodriguez replies: "If a competitor decides to lose 40% on a sale, it is not a business model that makes sense to us. We evaluate on a case-by-case basis ”, a clear reference to the agreement reached a few days ago by Cupertino with a school in the surroundings of Pittsburgh which obtained a discount of almost 50% on a large supply of laptops and the equipment with G4 and Cubes of the didactic structure.

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