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Delays for MacBook Pro, AirPods Pro and Mac Pro, everyone thinks of coronavirus

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Delays in shipping and delivery of Macs, AirPods and versions with custom configurations of MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and iMac Pro, seem to signal that the effects of coronavirus are being felt in the Apple supply chain.

At the time of writing, the multinational of Cupertino has not issued any statements on the matter, so the reason for the delay is not confirmed. In any case, it is very probable that the lengthening of the timing, detectable in practically all the Apple Stores of the various countries, including Italy, is a consequence of the stop to commercial and industrial activities in China due to the ongoing epidemic.

Although some companies, including Foxconn, have announced the resumption of operations from February 10, many plants are still closed because government and local authorities have not issued the necessary permits, while in the open factories there is a very limited percentage of workers.Delays for MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and iMac Pro probably due to coronavirus

While Apple can count on larger stocks for series products, the delays of Macs in customized configurations and also of the highly sought-after AirPods Pro are beginning to show significant shifts in delivery times. For example the AirPods with or without wireless charging case are still indicated for delivery on February 14th for those who buy today, instead the AirPods Pro arrive only in an exact month, on March 12th.

The possible delays of Macs for coronavirus are even more evident for the machines that allow you to customize the configuration. For example MacBook Pro 16 in standard configuration delivered between 14-19 February. But if you choose a more powerful processor or another upgrade when ordering, the shipment slips until 11 March.

Delays for MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and iMac Pro probably due to coronavirus

Same problem for iMac Pro: the standard configuration arrives between 14-19 February, instead if the user chooses a processor or different components, he slips until 11 March. Practically for all Mac Pro configurations, a very long wait, until March 11, unusually long times for Apple which, except for the launch and new periods, offers all its products on the list with delivery the day after the order or a little more.